Benjamin Wilson
Owner/Senior Retouching Specialist

Benjamin Wilson, owner and graphic artist of Pixel Magic, has been working in digital production and retouching for over 15 years.
Originally from Vermont, Ben started his career in New York City while attending the School of Visual Arts (1995-1999), where he studied sculpture and 3-D animation.
While in school, he worked for Cobi Productions - Photography and Creative Services, as a studio assistant and production department for the photographer. He developed and setup photo shoot sets, arranged the set lighting, worked with digital cameras, and digitally enhanced and retouched the shots. This experience enabled Ben to see all aspects of an image production, from sets to photography to the final retouch. He worked with the photographer to determine the best way to shoot the images that will be needed to create the final desired image.

After leaving NYC, Ben moved to Connecticut (2001)  where he worked for Vertis Communications, a premier provider of targeted advertising and marketing solutions to America's leading retail and consumer services companies. Vertis was recently purchased by Quad Graphics. At Vertis, he worked as a graphic artist on extensive catalog shots and targeted newspaper and magazine products with 1000's of images to retouch and match to actual product color.

Moving back to Vermont, he started working at JDK Design (2004-2013) where he was able to create his own position as "Senior Digital Retouching Production Specialist" and handled most of the retouching for their customers including creating and maintaining image brand standards. During his career he has worked on numerous accounts, such as Microsoft, Burton Snow Boards and Seventh Generation, treating each image as a work of art and not accepting anything less then PIXEL perfect and making MAGIC when a client says "I don't know if this is possible...".

Partial list of past accounts worked on: